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There’s something enduringly charming about a bookshelf that will always cause a home to feel more comfortable and lived-in. Whether you want to present your precious books, collectables, photographs, awards and trophies or other knick-knacks in a traditional, heavy wooden shelf or a more modern abstract setting, Living Elements have the shelf for you. You’ll never need to worry about a ‘book collapse’ either, as our furniture is crafted with care from beautiful natural wood that will frame your books and enhance the space you want to present them in.

The high quality furniture you’ll find on our website and in our showroom is made from natural oak timber, recycled or reclaimed hardwood and Tasmanian blackwood, sourced from around the globe. We will guide you through our selection and help you choose the bookshelf that will best suit your tastes, needs and emphasise the items you want to place in it. Contact us to discuss your bookshelf needs today.

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