Timber Display Cabinets

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With a range of small, medium and large display units, you’ll find the perfect size for your keepsakes and souvenirs, as well as the room you’d like to keep them in. Our furniture pieces are expertly crafted using the finest natural timbers that have been recycled or reclaimed, so you can complement your other furniture with silky oak, Tasmanian blackwood or hardwood. If you’re not completely sure what type of display unit you’d like, contact us and we will help you choose from our reasonably priced pieces.

If you have a collection, trophies, memorabilia or other things you’d like to display with pride, you’ll want a display unit that’s worthy of the time, money or effort you’ve put in to collecting your precious mementos.  A display unit is ideal for this purpose and will allow all who visit you to see your wonderful collection in all its glory!

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