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As the household ‘meeting place’ for families and friends the world over, it’s hard to argue at the suggestion that the dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home. Besides being an attractive piece of furniture, a dining table should also be built tough to withstand the years of meals, family games and homework it will endure. Whether you need a large or small dining table with a modern or traditional look, you’ll find it here at Living Elements. Let us walk you through our range and help you choose the ideal dining table for your family.

Many dining tables are made from flimsy chipboard and laminate, but not ours! We source the finest recycled or reclaimed timber, including oak, hardwood and Tasmanian blackwood to create dining tables that are simply beautiful, well-priced and that last the distance. Contact our friendly customer service team today to find out how we can enhance your dining room with beautiful, natural timber.

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