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Dining chairs may seem like just an afterthought or mere ‘accessory’ to the overall furniture design of your dining room; however, we believe they are a pivotal part of your household persona. Not only do they feature prominently in the dining room space, they circle the primary meeting point in your home – the dining table. When selecting the perfect dining chair, you want something that lasts a long time, but is also very comfortable, so that the meals shared, the conversations had and the board games played are always enjoyable.

The great quality of the furniture at Living Elements is guaranteed. We hate wobbly dining chairs too, so we ensure ours are professionally crafted from strong, enduring recycled or reclaimed hardwood timber, oak and Tasmanian blackwood. There’s no need to sacrifice beauty for quality though and our dining chairs will give your space the perfect finishing touch! Contact us today to find out how to view our extensive range.

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